Horses Healing People Healing Horses Design Story

In 2014, when I returned from Florida to care for my now 101 year old Mother, I began volunteering at a Horse Rescue facility. I enjoy doing handyman and fix-it projects, and volunteering. Being around horses became important to me. I've been nicknamed 'The Wacker of Weeds' ... and I do a lot of weed whacking!

Palomino Horses

I'd was born with horses. My Father bought Palominos from the race track and had my sister and I care for them. At a dozen years of age, we parted ways. I've since found my way back to horses. I'm not a rider, nor am I a Cowboy. I just like working and being around the people who love horses.

When I asked the reasons why other folks were volunteering with the horses, Julia told me her story. 

Horses Healing People Healing Horses Women's Tee
"Horses saved my life", she said. "In the same week I lost both my husband and my mother. I was devastated. For months I couldn't function, even with simple tasks around the house," Julia explained.


"A friend asked me to join her one day. She took me to a horse rescue.
That day changed my life ... that day Saved my life!'

With a great big smile she said, "The horses gave me purpose, they gave me a reason to get up in the morning, they gave me someone to care for and look after."

Then Julia said, "The horses healed me, when I couldn't heal myself."

Horses Healing People Healing Horses Women's Tank Top

This comment from Julia is what inspired the quote;
"Horses Healing People Healing Horses"
then Old Man Beeson & I went to work on the design ... 

Julia now owns 3 Miniature horses she takes to fairs and festivals for kids to enjoy.

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Honey Jaks along with Old Man Beeson