Our Story

Old Man Beeson & Honey Jaks met under 'interesting' circumstances ... "we noticed a creative energy developing between us", causing us to put our heads together (called a MasterMind), creating designs to express our enthusiasm for LIFE!

We tend to spend a good deal of time chatting about a variety of interests, we then buckle down to work while encouraging and challenging each other ... to step beyond our boundaries.

We trust you'll enjoy your visit with us, picking through some of our thoughts and ideas, as well as the enjoyment of wearing our tee shirts and accessories.

With Great Appreciation!

Old Man Beeson & Honey Jaks

Gary Vee said,
"Find somebody younger and older, work together sharing each others experience, knowledge and wisdom. Start a business together, your individual skills will be magnified exponentially."

What's most interesting is ...
Old Man Beeson is about 15 years younger than Honey Jaks.
We like it just fine this way!


841 Senior Way
Sacramento, CA.