Our Purpose

Have some FUN! 

A friend once said to me while sipping cocktails,
enjoying a great conversation ...
"Honey ... I'm here for a good time ...
not necessarily a long time!"

Well, "we're here for good time as well ...
and we'll be here as long as necessary!"

This quote pretty well sums up our lives ...
"The Race Is Long,
To Finish First ~ First You Must Finish"
From: 'The Art of Racing In The Rain'
by Garth Stein

"We are here to have some fun ..
and we trust you'll join us while enjoying a
variety of Apparel, Accessories, and Fun Stuff
along with our Original Designs.

We like being known as:
'The Home of the Happy Camper'.


Honey Jaks & Chris Beeson


841 Senior Way
Sacramento, CA.