They Shut Down The 7/11 Slurpee Machine ... OMG!

They Shut Down The 7/11 Slurpee Machine ... OMG!

Please ... if you ever hear me 'say' the term omg! ... pull out the gun and put me to sleep ... Please.

But, and 'but' is another word you won't hear me use ... but, HOW ON EARTH CAN THEY SHUT DOWN A SLURPEE MACHINE? HOW ON EARTH CAN THEY DO THIS ... TO US?

It truly baffles me ... a Slurpee machine being a tramsmitter? OMG!

Now that I've had an 'ovid' rant ... let's get on to some other good stuff we can look forward to. 

Times are gonna be different ... and depending on our individual beliefs ... it certainly can be better. It all depends on outlook ... or it's gonna be 'ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!'

You get to choose! Isn't that great?

Now that you know going forward, the new norm is gonna be 'Abnormal'.

So, let's see if we can stir up a bit of fun ... at least imagine a bit of fun ... here goes:

ABNORMAL ~ Why Be Sane In An Insane World?My son has often asked the question about the sanity of life. Here's the question he asks; "Why Be Sane In An Insane World?" Therefore the use of the word ABNORMAL.

The greatest thing about this is you can truly be anything you want to be ... especially if ABNORMAL becomes the 'new' norm. Plus, we have a friend by the name of Norm, who is certainly AB~NORM~AL or Abner for short. He's a great guy!

The Best Weapon In Self Defense ... Look Pretty! Marilyn Ladies' TeeLet's just hope during these dramatically daring times, we don't resort to violence. Really, what good does it do?

My personal belief has been, "I'm too good looking to let someone beat on my face!" Whether this is true is certainly in the eyes of the beholder.

If for any reason at all you must resort to Self Defense to protect yourself ... here's a bit of advice to keep you safe during treacherous times. "The Best Weapon In Self Defense ... Look Pretty!" Marilyn

At the end of a day, all we really want to be is ... a Star! It could be a Star for a husband or wife, a son or daughter, a mother or father. For so many people, fortunately they are the star of their dogs & cats, the loving critters who love us no matter what.

Star Ladies' TeeHere's who you need to be the Star for ... are you ready?

YOU! Wear The STAR! It's your life, let it shine.  

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And as a quick reminder, at Tee Shirts I Love, we believe rather than just wearing a Tee Shirt ... Live In It Baby! Live In It!

Until next time, enjoy.

Honey Jaks, along with Old Man Beeson






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