While we're amidst a new social norm referred to as Social Distancing, we'll need new tools on how we communicate with each other. Here's a 'HOWDY' tank top that'll let you say hello to friends and neighbors, and still keep a safe distance. It's really easy ... the tee starts the conversation, and a little wave of the hand will bring about a smile. What could be better?


Something better?

Ah, it certainly gets one thinking about what could be better? 

Beaches come to mind and a story begins in my head ... "Once, while sitting on a beach in Mexico" ... if you've been sitting on a beach in Mexico, you then know all kinds of predicaments can develop. Trust me, I've been one of those predicaments.

During my reminiscing of past predicaments I remember my friend David ... and his 'Tales of Mañanaville' ... his true life adventures of sailing in the waters of Mexico. His style is appreciated by 'Parrot Heads' galore. 

David has put together a little teaser of his Tales and you can grab them here!

As so often happens while sitting on a beach thinking about Mañanaville, ... we begin to visualize horses, horses running on a beach with beautiful maidens aboard ... hair and mane flowing in the breeze ... magical. 

Now that we're on the subject of horses and social distancing ... the horses at Hope 4 Horses still need our attention. Here's what happened. 

Because of the Pandemic, their biggest fundraiser of the year ... a BBQ known as The Feedbag Frolic ... had to be postponed until September. 




So, Tee Shirts I Love wants to help out and we could use your assistance too. We've put together a collection especially for Hope 4 Horses. The design is significant, as it resembles the impact horses have on our lives. 'Horses Healing People Healing Horses' ... and it does happen in just this way.

O.K. Now that we've made it this far together, through dreaming and imagination, we should be feeling ... Peachy Keen

If you are ... feeling Peachy Keen, I just don't know what could be better. 

Maybe you've got some ideas.

Until then, enjoy!

Honey Jaks along with Old Man Beeson




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