How Many Ways Can You Say Thank You?

How Many Ways Can You Say Thank You?



Let's look at a variety of ways for us to Say Thank You!

One very simple way is with something as simple as a Smile ... it does wonders for the soul.

The Smile is the easiest and truly takes the least amount of effort. After using the Smile technique ... a Wave of the Hand ... a simple jester of Thanks! 

Two ways to say Thank You that take little to no effort ... or much thought ... if you think about it.

O.K. Now we must go to the next lever of Thank You ... so here goes. You can raise arm and hand saying out loud ...

"You're The Best!" 

 "Old Man Beeson & I were havin' a conversation ...

Well now, you can also say Thank You with only the moving of the lips ... anybody I've ever meant can read your lips when you say ...

"Thank You!"

Ah, here's one of my personal favorites ... "My Heart Is Still Smiling!" Yes, it's a bit different.

Just remember how important the Smile is ... and when you add in your heart ... oh, it just goes over the top.

 "Sometimes, the simplest things mean the most!" It's true, simple things do mean the most ... Thank You is pretty simple ...

you'll have to agree, won't you? Yet, it is so ... simple.

"Old Man Beeson & I were havin' a conversation when ... 



These folks ... the NON Essential Workers ... folks ... they seem to be forgotten in all of this. How can this be? The 'Essential Workers' are doing their jobs and being paid for doing their jobs. 

The NON Essential Workers have Sacrificed their Businesses, their Careers, their Jobs ... their LIVELYHOODS! Let's say Thank You to these phenominal folks ... many who may never recover from this ... orchestrated panic.   



No matter who we want to pay tribute to for their efforts in fighting hysteria ...
Say Thank YOU!

Until our next conversation ... Enjoy!

Honey Jaks along with Old Man Beeson









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