Do You Have The Four Keys To Prospering In Challenging Times?

Do You Have The Four Keys To Prospering In Challenging Times?


In challenging times the first key to prospering is to ...


B * CLEVER Men's TeeOur dear friends Merriam & Webster, explain 'Clever' in this way ...
1 a: skillful and adroit in using the hands or body : NIMBLE
b: mentally quick and resourceful
2 : marked by wit or ingenuity
As an Adjective, Clever is explained thusly ... showing a noteworthy use of the imagination and creativity.

Well now, that explains it pretty simply ... we've got to be quick with our imagination, skillful in our creativity and adroitly resourceful. Sounds easy ... is it?

This would mean we'd have a better chance of prospering if we can


B * NIMBLE Men's TeeWe'll call on our friends M & W again, defining 'Nimble' as ...
1 : quik and light in motion : AGILE
2 : marked by quik, alert, clever conception or resourcefulness.
In Adjective form, Nimble is ... having or showing quickness of mind.

Phuuh! The pressure is building to what the third key must be. As we follow along we might be inclined to imagine it would have to ...


B * AGILE Men's TeeBack to our buddies Merri & Web and 'Agile'. Here it is ...
1 : marked by ready ability to move with quik and easy grace
2 : having a quik resourceful and adaptive character.
Adjective form, Agile is ... moving easily.

O.K. This is getting to be a bit more than what I was anticipating when I started on this path. Having obtained all of the above keys to prosperity, being clever and nimble and agile ... what is the final key?


B * BOLD Men's TeeThat's positively right! B*BOLD! Of course, it makes sense now. You know what's coming next ... right? Merriam & Webster at their very best.
1 : fearless before danger : INTREPID
2 : showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit.
Adjectively ~ Bold ~ Inclined or willing to take risks.

If yer looking for it ... B*INTREPID ... you won't find it here.

Now we must summarize. To prosper in challenging times we start being Clever, add in a mixture of Nimbleness packed with Agility ... and top it all off with a bit of Boldness and here's what exactly what you receive in return.


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Until our next conversation,

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