What You Get When You ...

What You Get When You ...

Calm The Chaos!

Calm The Chaos Ladies' TeeIn the midst of all that is going on in this year of 2020, one of the most important skills will be the ability to Calm The Chaos.
Our wits will certainly be challenged while our economy comes back to life.
Most will recover.. some never will.
There will be those who master The Chaos about them... and they will prosper and thrive. How 'bout you?

I'm willing to make a small wager ($1.50) on one of the groups being able to Calm The Chaos... Cat Lovers!

A Pile of Cats Ladies' TeeYeah or Yep! Cat Lovers.
You ask the reason Cat Lovers will prosper and thrive?
Well, here's my view. Cats are independent ... Cat Lovers tend to be independent.
Being independent allows folks to think and act for themselves.
They avoid the crowd mentality.
They usually have their minds set... and they pounce on opportunities.
Cat Lovers will thrive.
Here's one for Cat Lovers... "What do you get with a Pile of Cats? A Meowtain!" HaHaHa!

Another group who seems to grow stronger in their love of their critters ... Horse Lovers. Oh Yeah! Just spend some time around the women who love and care for horses and you'll see a strong willed group who let nothing, and I mean nothing, come between their horses and their care. 

To see how they dote over these beautiful animals is to see love in motion. It's a wonderful sight to experience.

Running Horse Benefiting Hope 4 HorsesHope 4 Horses is a Rehabilitation facility for injured and retired Off-The-Track-Racehorses. Anita retrains them for new careers and new homes.
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Remember, keep Calm during The Chaos. You'll live longer... and better.

Until our next conversation, Enjoy!

Honey Jaks along with Old Man Beeson

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