Here's a Thomas Jefferson quote we must be aware of during times of financial chaos. Jefferson's quote is; "A government big enough to give you everything you want ... is big enough to take everything you have."
Let our elected leaders be prudent in their management.

Jefferson may be making a statement about the importance of Self Reliance .. the ability to look after oneself along with family and friends. This becomes far more difficult in urban areas although, there are always opportunities to be less dependent. So, Self Reliance Matters! 



Once we understand we have our priorities right, we can see that 'Life is Short ...so just buy the damn shoes!'  If nothing else it could give you that great feeling of self reliance and independence. 


No matter what, if you did buy the shoes, right about now your're beginning to feel 'Peachy Keen!'


If you're feeling a bit fuzzy like a peach, you'll be feeling great. Feeling great is a good time to B * BOLD! Stand up, be proud, wear a smile and B * BOLD!

Since it is a good time to be bold, it would also be a good time to jump over to the store and grab something to lighten up yer life and have a bit of fun, maybe even support one our Artists or Special Causes!

Enjoy ... even during the chaos!







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