A Nun Makes A Doctor's Appointment

A Nun Makes A Doctor's Appointment


What happens when a Nun makes her Doctor appointment? 
Here's the story:

A Nun made know to Sister Superior that she had made a Doctor's appointment.

Sister Superior said; "Now, when you go to your Doctor's appointment you are not to take your clothes off."

At the Doctor's office, the nurse escorted the Nun to an examination room and requested that she take all her clothes of and the Doctor would be in soon.

She remembered what Sister Superior instructed her to do so, she left on her bra and panties.

When the Doctor entered the examination room, he realized she was a Nun. He decided this was O.K., and adjusted he normal procedure.

He put his hand inside her left bra and said; "Say 36" so, she said "36". He then placed his hand inside her right bra and said; "Say 36" and, she said "36". Next, he put his hand inside her panties and said; "Say 36".

The Nun said; "O.K. 1, 2, 3, 4", and so on.

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Until our next conversation ... Enjoy!

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