She Knew Exactly What She Wanted!

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At 15, she knew what she wanted … a horse.

She also knew, she would have to have her Dad’s permission.

To make it easy for her Dad to give his permission, Anita went to work.

She went to work at the Stables where she would board her horse. She raised money, she worked for money and she saved her money.

When she approached her Dad for his permission she asked; “Dad, if can pay for a horse with my own money, and if I can and pay for its board and feed, and if I can arrange and pay for the transport from its current stable to the one closer to home, can I have a horse?”

Her Dad thought long and hard, wondering how she would accomplish all this … and seeing no real downside to his daughter’s dreams … he said; “Sure you can.”

When she heard these words, Anita stuck out her hand for her Dad to shake … to ‘seal the deal’. She didn’t want to give her Dad any opportunity to change his mind.

She had already paid for her horse, arranged transport and was moving her horse to its new stable.

Today, Anita cares for about 80 horses at Hope 4 Horses , Changing the face of Rescue, in the Wilton area just south of Sacramento. She trains and works with a variety of organizations utilizing horses for healing.

Learn more here: Hope 4 Horses

We appreciate what Anita and her crew do for The Horses.

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