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ReFUNd & Happy Camper Strategy

We consider our ReFUNd & Happy Camper Strategy to be YOUNIQUE in the Retail Garment Industry. We also figure it to be The EASIEST! Refund Return & Exchange Policy

If you inquire about a refund within 30 days of receipt of the garment ... we positively want to know the cause for your request; quality, damage, graphic expectations, (ordering of incorrect size requires Special Consideration) etcetera!

This permits us to enhance our products so you are better served ... and all of our Clients 'Reap The Rewards'!

Email us at:

We favor giving you a 'Store Credit' for you purchase (FREE Delivery Included).

Refund Return & Exchange Policy

Just take a gander through our Collections, pick an item that makes you 'feel Warm & Fuzzy' or 'Big & Burly' ... it's your choice ... choose Happy!

We're certain you can find something to 'Tickle Your Fancy', we'll get it printed & delivered directly to you.

Please NOTE: If unable to find something you like, we will refund your purchase price (less shipping & handling) ... just let us know.

We also request you keep the garment (we can't resell it), rather than You jumping through a bunch of hoops, let alone standing in line at the Post Office ... our Hyper~Intensive Staff is much better at Design & Customer Experience than we are dealing with the few returns of unwanted items we receive.

Here's a couple suggestions: Wrap up the item and give it to a friend (unless you never want to see it again) for a Birthday or a Christmas present. Use it as a 'GAG' gift for a White or Pink Elephant Party. If none of these innovations appeal to you ... DONATE IT! Your Thrift Store will surely appreciate your generosity!

If this is just tooooo overwhelming ... send us an email expressing your concerns, we'll do all we can so you can remain a ... Happy Camper!Refund Return & Exchange Policy

Thanks to You & Best Regards,

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